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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Real estate - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Wonderful one bedroom apartment in brand new building with all modern facilities, AC and Wi-Fi internet access - R$ 325.000

With the needs of global investors in mind, the Paradise Properties Bahia Real Estate Agency has brought together the best local agents as well as professionals from the US and Europe currently living and working in Salvador as real estate agents. Our team includes professionals experienced with real estate and business transactions both locally in Salvador as well as in the US and Europe.

Apartment centrally located in Barra near the beach and lighthouse. Living room plus large kitchen, ensuite bathroom, social bathroom and large rooftop terrace with partial sea view. R$ 310.000

Together, we specialize in assisting non-Brazilians with all aspects of purchasing property and owning real estate in Bahia. Plus, our partnerships with local lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, and designers make Paradise Properties Bahia a one stop agency for all of your real estate needs. By combining diligence, integrity, and trustworthiness with an assurance that you completely understand all aspects of your real estate transaction, you can rest at ease knowing that the team from Paradise Properties Bahia will assist with your purchase and ownership of property in Brazil.

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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil real estate for sale graphic
Buying real estate - Salvador, Brazil
Helping non-Brazilians navigate through the often confusing process of buying property in Brazil - including assistance in applying for Brazilian documents, ensuring the validity of real estate contracts and assistance with international money matters.

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Real estate and property management - Salvador, Brazil
Including special programs tailored to the needs of property owners residing outside of Brazil.

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Real estate Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Selling your real estate - Salvador, Brazil
Global, multilingual advertising combined with local partnerships ensures a broader market of buyers for your property including access to numerous foreign investors.

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Rentals - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
See how current real estate investments are paying off for both foreign and domestic investors.

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Note: Buying property in Salvador, Brazil and transferring ownership is a complex process that involves verifying and registering various documents at different government offices throughout the city.If any of the documents are not completely in order, or if there are problems with the personal documents of any of the individuals involved in the sale, it may not be possible to complete the transfer of ownership. It is essential that all documentation be in order before any money changes hands including any down payment deposits. Having someone who understands you, your background, and the way things work in your home country is an indispensable asset for ensuring that you fully understand any points of confusion that arise in Brazilian real estate transactions.

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