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Terms of Rental Agreement


The purpose of this document is to clarify the details of the reservation and rental process, including the details of deposits, refunds, and the responsibilities of the LESSEE and the LESSOR.

The LESSOR accords to the LESSEE a short-term residence or 'holiday home', in accordance with the conditions stated below, which the LESSEE must adhere to.  The LESSOR assures that the property delivered to the LESSEE is in accordance with the photos and description for that property code as advertised on the website.  The residence is to be used only for personal use.  The LESSEE understands and accepts that the accommodation and services are only provided in the framework of a business or pleasure trip to Salvador and that this is the principal underlying condition validating this contract.

The LESSEE (including all accompanying family members and acquaintances) agrees to commit no act that disturbs the tranquility of the other residents of the building where the rental occurs.  Any disorderly or unruly behavior is the sole responsibility of the LESSEE and the LESSOR relinquishes complete and absolute responsibility if a third party is involved.  The LESSEE must comply with the building regulations – parties and obnoxious behaviors are prohibited.

Animals are not allowed in the apartment except through prior arrangement.

During the rental of the apartment, the LESSOR reserves the right to carry out emergency repairs in the apartment (agreed to with the LESSEE), without affecting the negotiated price.  The LESSEE agrees to allow the LESSOR access into the apartment with prior notice of at least one day (except in cases of emergency), in order to accomplish these tasks.

The length of stay of the contract can only be extended with the written agreement by the LESSOR.  For a departure before the negotiated date the tariff remains the same as already agreed between the LESSOR and the LESSEE.

In order to reserve a vacation rental property, the LESSEE must send a reservation deposit and agree to the terms of this rental agreement.  If the LESSEE cancels the reservation, the deposit is refundable up to 60 days prior to the arrival date agreed to between the LESSOR and the LESSEE, less a 20% service fee.

The outstanding balance is due upon check in and must be paid in Brazilian Reais.  The LESSEE agrees to undertake the necessary procedures in order to assure that the LESSOR receives the rental fees agreed to between the LESSOR and the LESSEE.

The LESSEE is responsible for any defacement to the apartment during his/her stay.  As part of the check in process, the LESSEE agrees to leave with the representative of the LESSOR a security deposit as a guarantee to the LESSOR of payment for any damage made by the LESSEE to the rental property or contents such as appliances, furniture, upholstery, kitchen utensils, linens, towels, missing keys, etc.

The LESSEE also agrees to leave the property in the same state as when the LESSEE entered the property.  The damage deposit will be returned in full to the LESSEE once the LESSOR verifies the inventory of the apartment and verifies that no damage has occurred to the apartment.  In case the observed damage exceeds the amount left as a deposit by the LESSEE, the LESSEE agrees to pay in full for the excess cost.

As part of the check in process, the LESSEE agrees to sign a List of Apartment Contents document.  Upon arrival at the rental property, should the LESSEE note any discrepancies, the check in agent must be informed within 24 hours.  The security deposit will be returned to the LESSEE once the List of Apartment Contents document has been verified on the day of the LESSE’S departure once the LESSOR agrees that no damage has occurred and no items are missing.  In the event of damage or inconsistency at the time of check out, the LESSOR will keep the entire damage deposit until the exact costs of replacement or repair can be ascertained.

The LESSEE hereby releases the LESSOR from any and all claims for liability for damages to personal property or personal injury occurring to THE LESSEE or to third parties invited onto the premises by the LESSEE during their rental.


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